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A podcast about how to show up for yourself & surrender to whatever you find there.



Show Up for yourself and Surrender to whatever it is you find there. We...

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Marcella Hartjes


Biddy Messchaert

"I love it so much, it’s spontaneous and gentle and wise 🧡 "

"Love your podcast! The easy flow of the conversation and the open way you talk to each other and the passion for the things you do in your lives makes it really good to listen."

"Great audio quality, nice production, fluent English for non-native speakers. I love the chemistry between Biddy and Marcella and the topics of the episodes spark my interest. It now feels like I am part of your conversations and I am curious about what is to come."

"Very beautiful podcast. The sound is good, I like the intro-music and you both have a very nice voice to listen to. It’s all super professional. The introduction with the questions you ask each other is a nice way to get to know you. I am very curious about what’s coming!"

"You both have such calming voices. You obviously have such a great connection with each other and it really came through in the podcast. I’m really excited to listen to more."


The views, information, or opinions expressed during the Show Up & Surrender podcast are solely those of the individuals involved. Experiences described are our own personal experiences and findings, they may not have the same outcome or experience for others. We are sharing our life in these podcasts and do not think we are experts with definite knowledge of these topics. We hope to give you things to consider and views to ponder, open up a discussion even. Please consider that as long as we respect each other, everyone’s right to their views and opinions and are willing to listen to the other, we can keep communication ongoing and hopefully learn from each other.


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